The PostePay loan allows you to receive the loan directly on your PostePay Evolution card, on which the repayment installments will also be charged. This is an important simplification for those in possession of this card issued by Poste Italiane , one of the many services that the group now provides in the financial and credit area, as evidenced by the long list of other loans of Poste Italiane. The peculiarities of the PostePay loans consist precisely in the ease with which one can receive the loan on the card and the repayment terms.

The one commonly known as a PostePay loan is actually called Mini Prestito BancoPosta , which can guarantee the applicant up to 3,000 euros, repayable in 22 months. The duration of the loan is always the same, regardless of the amount obtained: even if you receive a lower amount, like 1,000 or 2,000 euros, the final repayment deadline will still be after 22 months.

To be able to apply for this funding, you must have a PostePay Evolution card and be between 18 and 70 years old. You need to contact one of the Poste Italiane branches and present some documents, such as identification and health card, as well as a document that certifies your income. The loan is also open to foreign citizens, who must however deliver the residence permit and passport. They must then demonstrate that they have been resident in Italy for 36 months and have been working for at least 1 year.


How does the PostePay loan then work? Regarding the timing of disbursement , these depend on the completion of the preliminary investigation procedures by Poste Italiane. However, the peculiarity of this small loan is its provision directly on the applicant’s PostePay Evolution card: the latter therefore does not have to have an account, but only needs this Poste Italiane card. Furthermore, the repayment of monthly installments will also be simpler, since it will take place through an automatic debit on the card.

Despite all these simplifications, the PostePay loan can also be refused without the required requirements. For example, like almost all loans, an unstable income situation is an element that can push the institution that provides the loan, in this case Poste Italiane, to avoid that customer, who could have problems repaying the capital.