Start-Ups: Financing the Start of a Company

      Similar to INVEST, the European Angels Fund (EAF) targets business angels and other non-institutional investors with the aim of financially strengthening innovative companies in the early, early or growth phase. The funding consists of co-financing. This means that the EAF participates in a young company with the same amount that the Business

PostePay Loan: Post Office Loan

The PostePay loan allows you to receive the loan directly on your PostePay Evolution card, on which the repayment installments will also be charged. This is an important simplification for those in possession of this card issued by Poste Italiane , one of the many services that the group now provides in the financial and

Payday Loans -Easy for Wage Earners

  A generalized disruption puts the market into application of the measure to increase the minimum wage, as on the one hand there are expected to be preventive redundancies and on the other to increase the insurance contributions as well as the taxes due to a reduced tax-free limit. Cutting the tax-free rate to €